How to Apply


If you have reviewed the general guidelines for the Bella Vista Foundation, along with the specific program area guidelines and would like to apply, please begin the application process. If you are not sure if your request is aligned with the guidelines, or your organization has been denied in the past, please contact the program officer for the respective program area prior to applying.

Submit an Application

If you would like to submit an application for foundation consideration, you can do so by logging into our grants management portal.

If your organization does not already have a profile in our grants portal, please start with the registration page:

Once you have logged in, you can start your application by clicking on the “New Application” icon. The icon will only be available during the submission period, June 15-26, 2020.

If you need assistance at any point in the registration, login, or application process, please contact Jonny Moy, Grants Manager, at

Helpful Online Application Tips

You will not be able to start a new application in the grants portal until the submission window has opened. You may use the materials provided below to prepare your application.

We recommend you review the application questions specific to your program area, collect the PDF documents you will need to upload, and write responses to the narrative questions before starting the online application form.

Please review our Frequently Asked Technical Questions before starting the online application form.

We welcome your feedback as we continue to improve the application process. If you encounter any problems or have suggestions, please email Jonny Moy at